Quality policy of Majumi Chemicals

Our objective is a service through supplying products meeting the requirements of clients as well as achieving and maintaining high level of service through applying practice and professional competences.

Our utmost aim is to consistently raise the standard together with the trust and satisfaction of our clients by creating the best quality products and ensuring the development of the company together with the rise of the satisfaction of its workers.

We commit to realize the quality policy with the complete engagement of the management and equal share of all the team workers by the following actions:

  • we identify and take heed to legal rules, technical norms, the needs of our clients and standards, especially the ISO standard norm 9001, we realize orders in a reliable and complex way helping our clients to get what they need.
  • by consistently examining the satisfaction of the clients we simultaneouslyimplement improvements to raise their standards
  • we expand the assortment of the products in offer as well as new technologies, we modernize the machinery park and the infrastructure
  • we shape responsibility awareness among our personnel for the products and we develop our personnel’s skills continuously
  • we continually perfect our effectiveness of our management system quality and the company efficiency

The assumptions of the quality policy constitute obligations towards our clients, are well known and represented by all of Majumi Chemicals workers.

Radom October 20th, 2020

The Chairman of the Management